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Envelope Information

Inbound Receipts
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Inventory Adjustments
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Inventory Advice
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Item Maintenance
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Sales Orders
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Reject File

Warehouse Guidelines


The Sales Order Flow shows the transactions exchanged between Hershey and the warehouses which store and ship products to distributors.

In the U.S. Model, the Warehouse Shipping Order - Confirming (940) is sent by Hershey to authorize the warehouse to ship the product to the distributor. Each Warehouse Shipping Order - Confirming (940) will have an Order Status Code indicating to the warehouse the action that should be performed against the shipping order.

The Warehouse Bill of Lading (204) will include the stop sequence and bill of lading numbers for a shipment. The data contained in the Warehouse Bill of Lading (204) may relate to more than one Warehouse Shipping Order - Confirming (940) and are linked by Hershey delivery number(s).

After the product is put into ‘pick pending’ or ‘pick in progress’ by the warehouse, an Order Status Report (870) should be sent to Hershey to indicate this status. This will act as notification to Hershey that no more electronic changes to the order can be accepted.

If Hershey transmits another change after this notification the warehouse will return a Reject File indicating that the change was not accepted.

In the Canadian Model, the Warehouse Shipping Order - Confirming (940) is sent by Hershey to authorize the warehouse to ship the product to the distributor. These are original orders only and no Warehouse Bill of Lading (204) will be sent.

After the shipment is made by the warehouse, the Warehouse Shipping Advice (945) is transmitted by the warehouse to notify Hershey that shipment was made and to provide information concerning the shipment, such as product cuts and substitutions. The information provided on the Warehouse Shipping Advice (945) will be used by Hershey to communicate the shipment detail to the receiving party in the Ship Notice/Manifest (856).

The Inbound Receipts Flow illustrates the use of the Advance Shipment Notice (856) from Hershey to a warehouse to notify the warehouse of a shipment of product from any Hershey plant or warehouse. When the product is received by the warehouse, the Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944) is sent from the warehouse to notify Hershey that the shipment was physically received and to report the product and quantities actually received.

The Inventory Advice Flow illustrates the Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846) being sent from the warehouse to Hershey to report total inventory position at a specific time. Hershey will use this information to track warehouse lot numbers for the aged inventory reporting and retrieval system. The warehouses will also use this message to report their Physical Inventory results back to Hershey, so Hershey can update the SAP R/3 system

The Inventory Adjustments Flow shows the Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice (947) used by the warehouse to notify Hershey of a change in inventory position. It provides quantity and status information that allows for the adjustment of inventory records. At the line item level, product inventory adjustments are reported to increase or decrease the amount of product in inventory. Besides simple book adjustments, structures exist to report quantity changes to previously reported information, to put product "on hold" or to take product "off hold", to specify and recoup product damage, and to indicate problems in locating product.

Finally, the Database Maintenance Flow> shows the Item Maintenance (888) sent from Hershey to the warehouse triggered by two different scenarios. One, it can be requested by the warehouse as a full item load or two, it will be sent nightly with any changes that occurred to Hershey’s Item Master file.

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