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Envelope Information
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Purchase Orders
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Receiving Advice
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Supplier Guidelines


The purpose of this site is to describe the implementation of Supply-Side EDI at The Hershey Company. This site will be updated as Hershey develops new EDI capabilities. For further information, email the Technical contact for EDI/EC Suppliers.

Invoices (810)

The Invoice transaction is sent from suppliers to The Hershey Company relative to the billing for goods shipped by the supplier to The Hershey Company.

Payments - EFT (820)

The EFT - Payment transaction is exchanged between Hershey, Hershey’s bank, and suppliers for the purpose of paying for goods/services procured.

Purchase Orders (850, 860)

The Purchase Order transaction is sent from Hershey to suppliers for the purpose of procuring maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), packaging, and raw materials. The Purchase Order Change transaction (860) is is sent from Hershey to suppliers to communicate the request for a change to a previously submitted purchase order.

Receiving Advice (861)

The Receiving Advice / Acceptance Certificate is sent by suppliers to The Hershey Company to transmit data relative to the notification of receipt or formal acceptance of goods.


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