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Inbound Receipts
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Purchase Orders
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Shipping advice
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Inventory Adjustments
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Co-Manufacturer Guidelines


The purpose of this site is to describe the implementation of Co-Manufacturer EDI at The Hershey Company. This site will be updated as Hershey develops new EDI capabilities. For further information, email the technical contact for EDI/EC Customers.

Inbound Receipts (856, 944)

The Advance Shipment Notice (856) is sent from The Hershey Company to a Co-Manufacturer to notify the Co-Manufacturer of a shipment of product from any Hershey plant or warehouse.

When the product is received by the Co-Manufacturer, the Stock Transfer Receipt Advice (944) is sent from the Co-Manufacturer to notify Hershey that the shipment was physically received and to report the product and quantities actually received.

Invoices (810)

The Invoice transaction (810) is sent by the Co-Manufacturer to The Hershey Company relative to the billing for goods shipped to Hershey.

Purchase Orders (850, 861)

An informational copy of a purchase order (850) is sent from Hershey to a Co-Manufacturer. This informational copy of a purchase order is based on the actual purchase order that is sent to a Supplier by Hershey on behalf of the Co-Manufacturer. The product will eventually be shipped from the Supplier to the Co-Manufacturer.

When the Co-Manufacturer receives the products that Hershey ordered from the supplier, they will receive the product against the purchase order information that was sent from Hershey. The Co-Manufacturer will then send Hershey a Receiving Advice / Acceptance Certificate (861) transaction containing data which pertains to the receipt of the goods from the supplier.

Shipping Advice (945)

After a shipment is made by the Co-Manufacturer, the Shipping Advice (945) is transmitted by the Co-Manufacturer to notify Hershey that shipment was made and to provide information concerning the shipment.

Inventory Advice (846)

The Inventory Inquiry/Advice (846) being sent from the co-manufacturer to Hershey to report total inventory position at a specific time. Hershey will use this information to track warehouse lot numbers for the aged inventory reporting and retrieval system. The co-manufacturer will also use this message to report their Physical Inventory results back to Hershey, so Hershey can update the SAP R/3 system


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