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Envelope Information
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Load Tender
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Response to a Load Tender
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Carrier Shipment Status
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Carrier Guidelines

Transportation Introduction

The purpose of this site is to describe in general the implementation of Carrier EDI transactions sets used at The Hershey Company. This site will be updated as Hershey develops new EDI capabilities. For further information, email the business contact for EDI/EC transportation carriers.

Carrier Transaction Sets

Hershey uses the following 004010 EDI transaction sets in its load tendering process:

  1. 204 (Motor Carrier Load Tender) – Hershey will transmit to the carrier a 204 transaction set. The 204 will include all information as to the pick-up and delivery of the load.
  2. 990 (Response to Load Tender) – The carrier will transmit to Hershey a 990. It is used to accept or decline the load tender.
  3. 214 (Shipment Status Report) – The 214 is sent by the carrier to Hershey to inform Hershey of pickup appointment information, delivery appointment information, actual pickup information and actual delivery information.

Testing Procedures

Prior to going live with the above transactions sets Hershey will conduct two forms of testing.

  1. Integrity Testing – This consists of sending the carrier five different truckload or pool 204’s. The carrier will fill out an ‘Integrity Form’ and fax it to the EDI/EC transportation business contact for review. The purpose of Integrity testing is to make sure the carrier understands the information being sent in the 204.
  2. Business Case Scenarios – After successful completion of Integrity testing the carrier will then receive business case scenarios. The intent of Business case scenarios are to mimic real live situations. Here the carrier will receive a 204, respond with a 990 and send all the appropriate 214 messages as outlined in the scenario.

Move to Production

When the carrier has successfully completed the above two tests and both the carrier and Hershey feel confident in their ability a live date will be set. On this date Hershey will begin tendering all loads to the carrier via EDI.

Overall flow of transactions

  1. Hershey tenders load tender (204) to carrier.
  2. Carrier responds with an accept or decline 990.
    (With-in 3 hrs of receiving the load tender)
  3. Carrier sends a 214 with Pick-up appointment date and time information.
    (With-in 24 hrs of Accepting the load tender)
  4. Carrier sends a 214 with Delivery appointment date and time information.
    (With-in 24 hrs of Accepting the load tender)
  5. Carrier sends a 214 with actual Pick-up information.
    (With-in 48 hrs after the Delivery of the load)
  6. Carrier sends a 214 with actual Delivery information.
    (With-in 48 hrs after the Delivery of the load)
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